Newspaper Editors (1960-2005)

Here's a listing of editors from 1960 through 2005. The newspaper was named the Titan Times from 1960 to 1968, when it published biweekly (1960), weekly (1960-1965) and twice weekly (1965-1968); the Titan from 1968-1969, when it published three times a week; and the Daily Titan since 1969, when it began publishing four times a week. The chief editors used different titles during their individual tenures, as listed below. Jim Drummond, Fall 1965 editor, compiled the 1959-2005 portion of the listing.

1959-1960--Fall and Spring, Chuck Loyd (managing editor).
1960-1961--Fall, Carolyn Bridge; Spring, Don Andersen (editors).
1961-1962--Fall, Gail McKay; Spring, Clyde Morris (editors).
1962-1963--Fall, Warren Deacon; Spring, Ernest Lopez (editors-in-chief).
1963-1964--Fall, Marjorie Clark (editor); Spring, W. P. Fogard (editor-in-chief).
1964-1965--Fall, Richard Tarquinio; Spring, John Hardy (editors-in-chief).
1965-1966--Fall, Jim Drummond (editor); Spring, Don Lorenzi (editor-in-chief).
1966-1967--Fall, Gary Lycan; Spring, Robert Feldman (editors-in-chief).
1967-1968--Fall, Ann Shiners; Spring, Tim Vollman (editors-in-chief).
1968-1969--Fall and Spring, Paul Attner (editor).
1969-1970--Fall, Bill Schreiber (editor-in-chief); Spring, Sylvia Onalfo (editor).
1970-1971--Fall, Sylvia Onalfo (editor); Spring, Mike Gibb (executive editor).
1971-1972--Fall, Richard Staley; Spring, Ken Trust (executive editors).
1972-1973--Fall, Tom Belton; Spring, Jim Benson (executive editors).
1973-1974--Fall, Ray Estrada; Spring, Susan Sawtelle (executive editors).
1974-1975--Fall, Ed Zintel; Spring, Robert Rohwer (executive editors).
1975-1976--Fall, Sherry Angel; Spring, Geno Effler (executive editors).
1976-1977--Fall, Carolyn Howerton; Spring, Peter Hecht (executive editors).
1977-1978--Fall, Dennis Peck; Spring, Stephen Nill (executive editors).
1978-1979--Fall, Jean Meyer (executive editor); Spring, Rick Ruiz (managing editor).
1979-1980--Fall, Al Benton; Spring, Keith Thursby (executive editors).
1980-1981--Fall, Dawn Bonker; Spring, Sheila Giddings (executive editors).
1981-1982--Fall, Scott Gullett (editor); Spring, Michael Albin (executive editor).
1982-1983--Fall, Michael Mahi; Spring, Stuart Durando (executive editors).
1983-1984--Fall, Ken Daley; Spring, Scott French (executive editors).
1984-1985--Fall, Patrick Dunne (editor); Spring, Marie Montgomery (executive editor).
1985-1986--Fall, Jonathan Volzke; Spring, Dan Trotta (editors).
1986-1987--Fall, Joyce Garcia; Spring, Stuart Dedic (editors).
1987-1988--Fall, Deborah Blankenberg; Spring, Shauna Snow (editors).
1988-1989--Fall, Larry Nista; Spring, Andre Meunier (executive editors).
1989-1990--Fall, Dan Whitcomb; Spring, Phil Metzger (executive editors).
1990-1991--Fall, Anne Peterson; Spring, Jennifer Moulton (executive editors).
1991-1992--Fall, MarleneMcLean; Spring, Brady McDonald (executive editors).
1992-1993--Fall, Antonio A. Prado; Spring, John Sinclair (executive editors).
1993-1994--Fall, Marie Loggia; Spring, Phillip Brown (executive editors).
1994-1995--Fall, Annette Chavez; Spring, Geoffrey Bilau (executive editors).
1995-1996--Fall, Jennifer Leuer; Spring, Leigh Logan (executive editors).
1996-1997--Fall, Adam Eventov and Becky Besbris; Spring, Christine Castro (executive editors).
1997-1998--Fall, Jack McIntyre; Spring, Nathan Orme (executive editors).
1998-1999--Fall, Denise Carson and Maryanne Wardlow (editors-in-chief); Spring, Kerry Murray (executive editor).
1999-2000--Fall, Chris Whyte; Spring, Joe Florkowski (editors-in-chief).
2000-2001--Fall, Fermin Leal; Spring, Denise Smaldino (editors-in-chief).
2001-2002--Fall, Darlene Barrientos; Spring, Amy Rottier (editors-in-chief).
2002-2003--Fall and Spring, Kimberly Pierceall (editor-in-chief).
2003-2004--Fall, Benjamin Becker; Spring, Melissa Chavez (editors-in-chief).
2004-2005--Fall and Spring, Marti Longworth (executive editor).
2005-2006--Fall and Spring, Nicole M. Smith (executive editor).
2006-2007--Fall and Spring, Julie Anne Ines and Adam Levy
2007-2008--Fall and Spring, Ian Hamilton
2008-2009--Fall and Spring, David Carrillo and Jessica Terrell

Summer newspapers were named Summer Titan Times, Summer Titan and The Summer Titan. Even though a newspaper was not published each summer, this list is incomplete. Send additional information to

1965--Jim Drummond and Mike Warnken, co-editors.
1968--Ralph Donald, editor.
1971--Steve McCloud, editor-in-chief.
1972--Janice Rodger, executive editor.
1973--Ray Estrada, executive editor.
1974--Robert Rohwer, executive editor.
1975--Margaret Storll, executive editor.
1976--Stephen Nill, executive editor.
1977--Deborah Mackey, executive editor.
1978--Patricia Kurtz, executive editor.
2004--Matri Longworth, executive editor.
2005--Kim Orr, news editor.
2007--Joe Simmons, news editor