Welcome to the History Archive

The purpose of this website is to maintain an up to date database of all staffers who have worked for the Daily Titan since 1959. The information you provide will be in the public domain so only provide information about which you feel secure and are willing to share. Create a new profile here.  Additional historical information will include major events, reunions, personal memories/blogs, technology, awards and much, much more.

This site contains a year by year listing of each person who has worked at the Daily Titan since 1959.

When you click on the year link you should see a list of all the staffers who worked at the Daily Titan during this time period. When you click on an individual's name you should see their bio/profile information providing they've entered the information.

If your name was left off the list inadvertently, please email history@dailytitan.com and let us know.

If you are in contact with any former staffers, please ask them to provide their bio/profile information at their earliest opportunity by going to www.dailytitan.com and clicking on the history link.

Once you've entered your profile information you will have a user name and password, which will enable you to update/revise your profile information at anytime in the future.