First Editor

by Chuck Loyd

The 1959-60 school year was the first year of existence for Orange County State College, now named California State University, Fullerton. Only juniors and seniors were enrolled, and classes were held in the science wing of Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, as the campus site on what is now called State College Boulevard was still primarily an orange grove.

Highlights of that first year from my perspective:

--How unusual it was to know most of the students (less than 200) and all five of the full-time professors.

--Working with other students in a learning experience that produced a unique product, the first campus newspaper. It may not have been a threat to the Los Angeles Times or the then-Santa Ana Register, but it was ours.

--Watching the newspaper come to life in an old-style print shop in Brea using hot lead type, and measuring and editing articles to make them fill a designated space. (I still have and use a metal ruler from that shop with pica measures of 6 and 12 points on one side and inches on the other.)

--An interview series with R.C. Hoiles, owner and publisher of the Santa Ana Register, which generated editorials in both the TitanTimes and the Register. (His reached a broader audience.)

Of course, not realized or appreciated at the time was how large the college would become or the influence it would have.